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WaterField iPad Slip Case In-Depth Review

The WaterField iPad Slip Case is a minimalist padded slip case (protective sleeve), with great attention to detail and smart design and material selection.

Product: iPad Slip Case

Company: WaterField

Price Paid: 36.00

First Impression

This is my first WaterField product, though I’ve checked out several friends’ in the past. I was immediately impressed by the solid feel, smart material choices and nice snug fit. WaterField has a good reputation, and my first impression of the iPad Slip Case did nothing but cement that in my mind.

Intended Use

This case is a simple protective sleeve for the iPad. It is intended to provide protection and quick access when you are carrying your iPad within another bag (messenger bag, backpack, luggage).

Features, Design & Fit

The fit is extremely important for a slip case/cover style case. The iPad Slip Case fit is just about perfect: snug enough that the iPad doesn’t fall out easily but not so tight that it’s hard to put in. When considering the variance involved from the padding and other materials, I consider this to be a pretty noteworthy feature.

The design is very simple: the top is open, and there is a pull-tab at the bottom that you can use to remove the iPad from the case. There is a stiffener sewn in to one side of the case, which helps the case retain its structure and not collapse on itself when you are inserting the iPad.

The pull-tab on the bottom is very useful as the Slip Case is a pretty snug fit. By using the pull-tab, you don’t have to exert too much pressure on the iPad when removing it from the case.

The open-top design is another smart design decision. This provides easy access if you want to pull out your iPad without removing the Slip Case from your exterior bag.

I chose the green color, which is a good balance between not too bold and not too boring. I’d have no qualms about having it seen in a formal business meeting or at a local coffee shop. It also goes nicely with my collection of mainly black and gray exterior bags.

Material & Protection

The material is an area where the iPad Slip Case shines, and where WaterField shows off the thought that goes into their products. The outer material is a soft but rugged feeling nylon that feels like you could hose it off if it starts to get dirty. It’s not too slick and not too grippy, and feels good in your hand.

The interior has two distinct sides to it. One side has a microfiber wall with an insert of some kind that acts as a screen stiffener and protector (you put the iPad’s screen against this side). The other side is a more fuzzy material that is a little more slippery against the backside of the iPad. This kind of attention to detail in a very simple case really impresses me.

As far as protection goes, the padding on the case is very adequate for a soft-sided case. Grab the iPad, throw it in the Slip Case, throw it in your bag and don’t worry about it.

Order Process & Delivery

I ordered through the WaterField website ( using PayPal checkout and the process was pretty straightforward. The checkout process is handled by a 3rd party provider that has web page templates straight out of the late 1990’s, but everything worked smoothly and I received proper email confirmations.

The Slip Case arrived as expected in good condition via ground delivery service and was wrapped in plastic inside a shipping container. Very standard.


I paid $36 including ground shipping for the iPad Slip Case. I think this is a reasonable price for a good quality protective sleeve. All of WaterField’s products are constructed in San Francisco, CA.


There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles in this case, but there is a lot of quality and subtle attention to detail. If you’re looking for a sleeve case to protect your iPad when you throw it in your backpack or messenger bag, this is a good choice.

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5 Responses

  1. You have sold me.

  2. Does anyone know whether an iPad fits in this case while also in the ZaggMate keyboard case? Thanks.

    BarbaraFebruary 12, 2011 @ 7:00 am
  3. The fit is snug with the iPad by itself.

  4. Yeah I have a Waterfield wallet that has lasted me for 8 years and still going strong. That ballistic nylon rocks. I shall also trust my iPad2 with cover to their case too. Sounds like a no-brainer.

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