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BeyzaCases Thinvelope for iPad In-Depth Review

A very high-priced canvas sleeve case with leather trim in an envelope style. The workmanship is top notch, but overall the case doesn’t quite live up to its price tag.

Product: Apple iPad Thinvelope Sleeve

Company: BeyzaCases

Price Paid: $160.27

First Impression

What’s this? I thought this case was leather…

Based on the photos (and price), I thought this was an all-leather case. Turns out only the trim is leather, with the rest a “soft canvas”. I had to go back to the website to double-check, sure enough it’s there in black and white in the description.

It was not a particularly good first impression as a result, but I guess that’s largely my fault.

Intended Use

This is a slim protective case that is intended to be used inside another bag (backpack, messenger bag, etc.). I did carry it to a few meetings by itself and it’s not uncomfortable to carry.

Features, Design & Fit

The design of the Thinvelope is very simple – a large, lightly padded envelope style sleeve case that is sized very closely to the iPad. The overall design is simple and refined. The BeyzaCases logo is stamped in the leather trim on the back of the case. This is a little larger than I’d have chosen (I’d have opted to have it smaller and to the side rather than centered), but the branding is not offensive.

There is a large flap with a magnetic closure which is the single access point to the case. I don’t think the magnetic closure actually gets fully lined up on my case, but the magnet is strong enough to keep it closed and I don’t worry about it opening on its own at all. Since the flap is rather large, you have to remove the case entirely from your bag in order to remove the iPad from it.

I felt most comfortable putting the iPad in with the screen facing the flap (as seen in the photos). It just seemed to fit a little better this way and it meant my fingers were along the back of the iPad with just my thumb on the screen when entering or removing iPad from the case.

The fit is quite good. It’s clear that care was taken to ensure that it was a good fit, it wouldn’t happen this well by accident. It’s snug enough that you have to pay attention when inserting the iPad in the case, but not in a bad way.

Craftsmanship, Material & Protection

Even though I had expected an all-leather case from the website photos, the soft canvas is a nice material in the hands. The stitching is even and refined and the trim is very nicely cut and even. This case definitely wasn’t thrown together – there is real craftsmanship here.

The interior of the case is a soft material (perhaps felt?) that should provide a nice, scratch-free environment for your iPad.

The exterior padding provides reasonable protection for a soft-sided case and is pretty slim. The envelope flap adds another layer of thickness to the case for half of one side, without that it would be about as thin as you could get for a padded case. If you’re using this case in a backpack or messenger bag, I’d have no particular concerns about the iPad being damaged.

Order Process & Delivery

BeyzaCases is based in Turkey so prices are listed in Euros. They boast flat-rate shipping anywhere in the world for 4.99 Euros – very cheap. I’m sure the cost of the cases are inflated a bit to accommodate the low shipping rates (which is an interesting marketing decision).

I pre-ordered through their website using PayPal, and got the case a few weeks later. I also got something about a premium membership and saw references to a discount for pre-ordering, but could never figure out how that worked exactly. To be honest, I didn’t try that hard – it was just a few percent off if I remember correctly.


BeyzaCases aren’t cheap. They offer a high-end product at high-end prices. I paid $160 US dollars for the Thinvelope including shipping (thank goodness they take PayPal).

This is definitely a niche product, perhaps an executive gift. It’s too bad that they don’t offer custom logos and such on the case. That would definitely help support the high price tag.

With many similarly styled cases available for pre-order at about 1/3 of the cost of this case, I have a hard time arguing that it’s worth the price.


The Thinvelope doesn’t disappoint as much as it fails to wow. It’s very nice, with excellent craftsmanship and pleasant materials. The design is simple and it does exactly what you’d expect from a case like this. Ultimately though, it’s probably fair to expect more given the price.

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  1. I also ordered one expecting that it was all leather. When I got it, I was floored that I had paid $160 for a canvas and leather sleeve. Unlike Beyza.

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